What is Child Abuse

“Stopping the Abuse Before it Ever Starts”
Program is broken down in three 30 minute informational pieces.

One of the portion of the presentation is “what is abuse”? This portion of the presentation is taught by Melanie Palmer director of training with Child Focus. She gives examples of abuse. She also explains that certain forms of punishment are not ok. She also talks about leaving your child in the car alone and what can happen in just a matter of minutes.

She talks about cases where he had to take children out of their homes and put the children in foster care because the children were too young to be left alone all night. She also talks about cases where children are removed from their homes and put in the foster care system because the home had drug paraphernalia in it or the child was malnourished or the home was not fit for children due to the filthy living conditions.

There is also discussions about parents that have drug addiction’s and how that effects children.

She tells the students that most children end up in foster care or living with relatives. She also talks a lot about good parenting and gives examples of that as well.

Before the students leave this portion of the program they receive a resource guide that gives them local help resources for anger awareness, parenting help, drug abuse help, and local hospitals as well as children’s hospital contact info.

Stopping the Abuse

before it ever starts