Our Mission

To get to every student in Clermont County before they have kids of their own and teach the necessary life skills for all student to be good parents and never hurt, abuse or neglect a child. There is a drug abuse/awareness portion of the program as well.

The Stopping The Abuse Before It Ever Starts program is 90 minutes long

• 30 minutes – What is child abuse with Melanie Palmer from Chile Focus
• 30 minutes – Shaken Baby Syndromes with A Caring Place
• 30 minutes – Choices & Consequences with Chief Bachman Peirce Township or Chief Madsen Miami Township

The organization started in 2013; the team started off with only 4 Clermont County schools and 720 students. The school administration decides if freshman, sophomores, juniors or seniors will take the Stopping the Abuse before It Ever Starts class. A lot of this is based on class scheduling, class curriculum, and the maturity of the students. Then each year we will return to that same grade level to be sure all students see the program/ take the class before graduating.

In 2015 the child abuse prevention team will hit every Clermont County public school and will hit over 2500 students. The entire team are volunteers and their day jobs allow them to be a part of the program.

Stopping the Abuse

before it ever starts