Shaken Baby

“Stopping the Abuse Before it Ever Starts”
Program is broken down in three 30 minute informational pieces.

One portion of the presentation is Shaken Baby Syndrome. This portion of the presentation features Shawna Dunn and Rachel Markovic with A Caring Place. They show a documentary film that tells a true story about a baby (Elisha) who was killed by his father when he lost his patients and shook the baby because the baby was crying. It depicts the story first hand. It shows the heart break the mother goes through as well as her family and what the father is going through while in prison.

Shawna and Racheal then have a student shake a dummy baby, a baby that is specifically made to cry loudly to give a first hand example of a baby that won’t stop crying and how easy it is to lose your patients and hurt a baby by shaking it. After a student shakes the dummy baby the dummy’s head lights up in the areas of the damage. Then the team goes over the parts of the brain that were damage or if the dummy was killed by the shaking.

They tell the students to set the baby in a safe place and walk away, then count to ten. This is best way to get composer in a situation when someone feels themselves losing control. The best way to get composer in a situation where they feel themselves losing control. They tell them that no baby ever dies from being put down in a crib if the baby is crying out of control and cannot be soothed through eating, drinking, or being held or changed. They are told to set the baby down in a safe place, walk away, count to ten, calm down, and call someone before they re-enter.

Before the students leave this portion of the program, each student receives a bracelet that has the embossed word “empowered” on it.

Stopping the Abuse

before it ever starts