Stopping the Abuse Before It Ever Starts

Stopping The Abuse Before It Ever Starts is a 90-minute presentation with 3 parts-

  1. The definition of abuse and the 4 types of abuse
  2. Shaken baby syndrome, also known as Abusive Head Trauma
  3. Drugs, choices, and the consequences of doing drugs


Part One of The Presentation-

The Definition of Abuse:

This portion of the presentation is taught by Melanie Palmer, Director of Training with Child Focus and Eric Goldsmith with the Clermont County Sheriff’s Department  Child Abuse team. Melanie and Erictalk about the 4 types of abuse and the meaning of each type, 1-physical, 2 -Emotional, 3-Sexual, and 4 -Neglect- . Melanie and Ericgive examples of  each type of abuse. They explain that certain forms of punishment are not ok. They both give lots of examples such as, never leaving a young child in a car alone and what can happen in just a matter of minutes and the dangers of having drug paraphernalia in the home.

Melanie and Eric teach how to be good parents and they give examples of that as well. Their focus is to stop Abuse and Stop the generational cycle.

Before the students leave this portion of the program they receive a resource guide that gives them local resources for all social support including parenting support, drug abuse support, and local hospitals as well as Children’s Hospital contact info.

Each school has resources available for the students during anddirectly after the program if they need to confide in someone or need support of any kind.


Program Agenda

The Definition of Abuse
Shaken Baby Syndrome
Drugs, Choices, and Consequences

Stopping the Abuse Before It Ever Starts

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