Stopping the Abuse Before It Ever Starts

Stopping The Abuse Before It Ever Starts is a 90-minute presentation with 3 parts-

  1. The definition of abuse and the 4 types of abuse
  2. Shaken baby syndrome, also known as Abusive Head Trauma
  3. Drugs, choices, and the consequences of doing drugs


Part Two of The Presentation-


Abusive Head Trauma 

This portion of the presentation is taught by Mary Eisnaugle the founder and president of “Stopping The Abuse Before It Ever Starts”.

Mary Eisnaugle shows a documentary film that tells a true story about a baby (Elijah) who was shaken by his father when he lost his patients because the baby was crying. It depicts the story first hand. It shows the heartbreak the mother goes through after losing her child to such a senseless crime. The documentary film also shows what her family goes through as well as the true story of what the father is going through while in prison.

Mary uses a simulator doll (similar to a crash dummy) that is designed to cry loudly to give a first-hand example of a baby that won’t stop crying and how easy it is to lose your patients .

Mary then ask the student to pretend to shake the baby simulator doll so that the simulator head will light up in the areas of the damage. Then Mary goes over the parts of the brain that were damage due to the shaking and how it did not take much shaking for the damage to occur.  She explains and urges students to never shake or be ruff with a baby. She teaches them,  when they get frustrated to always lay the baby down on their back in a safe place such as a crib and walk away, count to 20, and breathe deeply before coming back in the room to take care of the baby.

Before the students leave this portion of the program they receive a resource guide that gives them local resources for all social support including parenting support, drug abuse support, and local hospitals as well as Children’s Hospital contact info.

Each school has resources available for the students during anddirectly after the program if they need to confide in someone or need support of any kind.


Program Agenda

The Definition of Abuse
Shaken Baby Syndrome
Drugs, Choices, and Consequences

Stopping the Abuse Before It Ever Starts

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