To get to every high school student in Clermont County before they have children of their own and teach them necessary life skills a be a good parents and never hurt, abuse or neglect a child  as well as start or abuse drugs.

The Stopping The Abuse Before It Ever Starts program:

90 minutes long

  • 30 minutes – 4 types of  child abuse – Presenter -Child Focus  & Clermont County Sheriff’s Department Child Abuse Division
  • 30 minutes – Abusive Head Trauma – Presenter- Stop The Abuse team.
  • 30 minutes – Drugs, Vaping, Alcohol & consequences-Presenter- Clermont County Sheriff’s Department Drug Narcotics Unit

Stopping the Abuse Before It Ever Starts was founded in 2013;

The school administration decides if freshman, sophomores, juniors or seniors will take the Stopping the Abuse before It Ever Starts class. School admin decides based on class scheduling, class curriculum, and the maturity of the students. Then each year we will return to that same grade level to be sure all students have gone through the program before graduating.

Since 2013 the program has served 22,000+ students, potentially saving countless lives.

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Stopping the Abuse Before It Ever Starts

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